Infozara provides audit services, such as process analysis to determine the state of things or to establish the suitability of them with regard to certain models, in the following areas of expertise:
Verification of compliance with norms and standards, such as Data Protection Law, information society and electronic commerce services legislation.
Data quality, business rules, user tasks, usability,...
Database integrity and consistency.
Security (refering to access), availability, integrity, confidentiality, authentication, vulnerabilities,...
And, globally, information system state; type, weaknesses and strengths.
Infozara has its own methods of analysis and representation of information system aspects -and it has tools that ensure quality, efficiency and productivity of the analysis processes. Specifically we highlight the analysis and specification services of:
Database, at any level -conceptual, logical and physical-
Information architecture
State diagrams
Protocols and workflows
User profiles
Dynamic systems
Temporal systems.
Longitudinal Information.