A system of quality control and measurement is available, from which we highlight the following processes:
Prior establishment of checkpoints and monitoring of the critical elements of the development system, referring in all cases both to resources (human and material) and to the artifacts built (as objective and support).
High level of customer participation in the control system.
Establishment of functional and usage tests.
Periodic review of compliance with quality standards.
Review of compliance with the style of programming and writing code, including compliance with the established software architecture.
Use of specific servers addressing development, integration and internal testing, and end user control.
Customer access through the web, to the project status as well as artifacts that have been generated relating to the product or its development, and to the management of the project.
Implementation of product testing engineering by a specialized group.
It should be noted that at the end of each phase, at the very least the following checkpoints are implemented:
A verification process by which it is checked that all processes have been carried out in accordance with the method.
A validation process by which it is checked that the result is in accordance with the established specifications.