Infozara uses a personalized methodology which follows the general schema of current methodologies with the support of so-called agile methodologies, adaptable to particular circumstances in which the product is manufactured. This methodology is:
iterative (the general plan is established over the long-term but the details only in the short-term)
adaptable, rather than predictive; i.e., the processes look at the possibilities of change, including the development of the system managed by versions
controllable by versions
focussed on people; without forgetting that the project is the working plan, the processes are activities carried out under this plan, the product is what is built with them and the staff members are those who build and, in consultation with the client, make decisions, carry out tests...
driven by the type of product
documentable under protocols and standars
standardized; including standardization and control processes relating to programming style, functional quality, usability,...