Infozara has a Governance Model, which contains organizational models, production and quality management, as well as a security model.
One of the objectives of Infozara is to achieve the maximum possible alignment of business objectives with the information technologies used. In order to do so, COBIT and ITIL are used, which combined provide a better IT governance and control at the service of the business objectives of Infozara.
As an example, we'll point out that one of the main strategic objectives is to accomplish, in the software production industry:
Increased productivity and quality
at the lowest cost

This involves a continuous practice in the process improvement in the organization, production and quality management model, as well as a suitable alignment with the information technologies used.
In particular, management tools are being built to facilitate the achievement of this objective, together with IT tools that, measuring different aspects and sub objectives, indicate the scope of the mentioned strategic objective in question.