RIHAD is a collaborative management software in the field of Web 2.0 focused on providing computer support for Scientific Research.
Its aim is to promote and increase the visibility and impact of the research, in the field of Biomedical research, in general, and especially in the study of Dyslipidemia.
RIHAD is directed by processes standardized by protocols that describe, in particular, the tasks that researchers and laboratory technicians must perform during the management of study subjects and the sample collection for conducting the research.
This tool allows the management of the information of the study subjects using a standard database and also records the sample collection and their sending and reception in the National DNA Bank.
This structure in the form of a network, composed of a set of nodes- research groups or lipid-units- located in geographically separate locations that collaborate on studies and coordinated by a joint executive committee that directs, allows groups to maintain their autonomy over the other members of the network, so that each one is responsible for
Registering and monitoring of their patients
Managing their samples sent to the BNADN
In addition this tool also includes a powerful data analysis module for the exploitation of information, promoting research, collaborative work in network and knowledge management.