TechBioBank is a tool that, because of its modular construction and powerful scalability features, can provide added value to the service of a biobank.
TechBioBank is adaptable to any context-whatever its nature -type of sample, domain,...-, complexity and size. It can provide service to an entity -such as a research unit - that manages a unique sample collection, to a biobank which manages a plurality of collections or to a federated system of biobanks.
Among the characteristics of TechBioBank, the following can be highlighted:
For all data, information is available of the protocol under which it was generated or modified.
No data erasure or cancellation is allowed; if data is modified to resolve an input error, for example, the tool stores the incorrect data and the fact of having been modified by the incidences correction procedure.
The system is adapted against a change of the protocols; in fact, data of the same type executed by different protocols can coexist.
The tool generates knowledge in a transparent way to the user, knowledge that can be used for quality assurance and laboratory process improvement -total quality-.