The aim of all projects is the building of a software tool or a collaborative management platform within the Professional Web 2.0 scope, which is in exploitation state.
All projects are supported by a series of basic, translational or industrial researches which are endorsed by international publications of the participant researchers. These publications ensure the innovation of the resultant products both in their technological aspect and in their application scope or domain.
The innovations features are, on the one hand, in the development of techniques that enhance the characteristics of the Web 2.0 scope, of which we highlight:
Customization techniques of collaborative environments within the Business Intelligence scope.
Techniques for the integration of protocols with the information management, based on the object-orientation of the protocols and on the automatic persistence of their execution
And, on the other hand, in the Software Engineering, highlighting:
Development of a longitudinal model of database and their implementation and exploitation engineering which allows the management of longitudinal data as if they were objects. This enhances the efficiency, effectiveness and consistency of the longitudinal information management and facilitates the industrial production management tools for the type of information in question.
As value added, through successive projects with a clear common direction, a technology is being developed for the industrial production of software within the Web 2.0 scope which have the features mentioned.