Project title QualityReadyPortal: Portal for quality assurance
Identification TSI-020302-2009-28
Funding entity Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade
Organizations involved Informática Gesfor S. A., University of Zaragoza and Infozara S. L.
Duration From 1st November 2009 to 31st December 2010
Project cost 930,776 EUR
Development of a platform for the quality assurance in the software production which basically consists of
a software project management tool, within the scope of what we call Professional Web -Web 2.0 with Business Intelligence features- addressed to the progressive quality assurance in some of the levels established by models or standards such as CMMi, SPICE,...
a repository of tools, utilities, documentary assets,... to support the previous tool,
a portal to the public knowledge dissemination about the quality assurance, as a unique access point to a professional private network and a system of collaborative project management environments.
a professional private network of SMEs that are developing a quality assurance program for its projects management, integrated in a private mode at the previous portal so,
the repository will be accessible to any member of the network,
the tool will be customized to any entity according to the responsibilities that the user has in the entity.