Project title SPOCS - Service Process Optimization Communication Software
Identification FIT-340-001-2007-8
Funding entity Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade
Organizations involved Informática Gesfor S. A., University of Zaragoza and Infozara S. L.
Duration From 1st September 2007 to 31st December 2008
Project cost 997,257 EUR
Development of a tool, called SPOCS, for the management, control and monitoring of projects driven process, in which the communication and use of documents is a basic and critical activity for the proper development of the project.
SPOCS is within the scope of the so called Service Process Optimization Software -SPOS-, software aimed at service companies, which require, in general, more flexibility and dynamism in the business management than manufacturing or logistics companies.
The service companies have to adapt to a greater number of changes, which implies special features being demanded of the software supporting their management.
SPOCS is aimed to facilitate
the communications of the artifacts that are being built during the execution of the processes,
and will allow the user
to use explicit knowledge of the company, knowledge which will be based on the assets of the process model
to make explicit knowledge about what happens in the project development,
to present utilities for the extraction of implicit knowledge with the intention of improving the processes.
The functions and utilities of the SPOCS tool emerge from the artifacts and the process diagrams, the former as they are being built during the project development, the second as previous knowledge that can be adapted or modified at any time.
Once this knowledge is established in SPOCS, the integrative element is the system of communications. The communications, which are performed by the agents related with the project -developers or customers-, are performed over documents artifacts related to processes and over document assets of the company. In this way, the communications facilitate the management and control of the project as well as ensure its quality.
SPOCS will provide important utilities for the process improvement based on techniques of knowledge management. SPOCS will allow the expression of knowledge of what happens in the development of the project as a result of the communications and will provide utilities -benchmarks- that strengthen the extraction of implicit knowledge. In any case, the aim of this type of utilities will be the improvement of the development processes.