The main field of Infozara's activities is the industrial research and development of IT applications. In order to do this Infozara has personnel with the role of:
technology graduate -who has participated in the development of R&D projects during more than one year - or
industrial researcher -technical staff member who is responsible for the research or innovation of a software product while also performing activities for obtaining the Computer Engineering PhD degree-.
Therefore Infozara is able to provide typical services of a R&D department to the entities that require them.
The service, that we call R&D Support, is the outsourcing of the research, development and innovation activities and processes which are typical of a R&D department. The outsourcing can be contrated under two different modes:
Targeting to a particular product, in which case the service ends with the product delivery.
Targeting to processes, whereby the service is continuous while both parties agree.
In the second case, the contract is performed through the modality that we call contract by bonds. The customer pays an amount for every bond emission, approved by both parties, from which the required services costs are discounted. The advantage of this method is the customers pay only what they consume.